Delivering laser cutting, metal folding, fabrication and finishing services to your industry.

Quality parts, done right, every time

For an industry like yours the efficient and timely supply of metal parts and components is non-negotiable. You need a supply partner that delivers precision parts on time, every time. At Bylaser we can manage all your cutting, folding, fabrication and finishing needs to deliver the best value and best outcomes for your products.

Laser profile cutting

The laser cutting process can produce repeat, complex parts with high levels of precision to meet your requirements.

Bylaser’s powerful and reliable Bystronic laser cutting machines can be customised to cut parts of varying thickness to your exact specifications. With a combined cutting capacity of 432 hours per week we can process your largest and most urgent jobs.

Metal folding

Bylaser can handle your bending, folding and pressing requirements.

Our factory is equipped with a 150tn hydraulic CNC brake press capable of folding, bending and forming an extensive range of sheet metal materials of varying size and thickness. Our technology combined with our qualified operators will ensure that you get high precision parts delivered to your specification. 

Welding & Fabrication

When it comes to general steel fabrication, metal work and welding services Bylaser has the trade skills, equipment and technology to deliver your job.

Our welding specialists can efficiently service your company’s assembly requirements, saving you time by delivering your parts ready to assemble.


We have a huge range of after-cut manufacturing services from edge rounding and linishing, zinc plating, powder coating and more.

We want to ensure that when your parts turn up, they are ready to turn into products immediately.

Other Services

We are always looking for ways to make your components better, add more value and deliver them faster. Our integrated solution means you get the very best advice and service each time you place a job with Bylaser.


Our high levels of experience in materials and processes allow us to spot problems before they become costly in terms of time or money and we will suggest a better way to get it done.

Design & Prototyping

Whether your part has a fully specified design or is a hand drawn sketch, our design team can refine your concept to meet the goals of your brief. We’ll always deliver an economical and functional result.

Storage & Logistics

Take advantage of our Kanban solution. We will build, store and deliver your parts on demand. You can trust us to make sure your quality parts are available on-time, every time.