As your supply partner we can manufacture, store and deliver your parts on demand.

Are lead times for your metal parts causing you headaches?

When you implement Bylaser’s Kanban solution long lead times become a thing of the past! We manufacture your parts, hold them in stock at no cost to you and deliver them when you need them. Your working capital position also benefits from not paying for your parts until you need them.

Benefits of Kanban

Features of a Kanban contract

  • Invoiced as you draw down on parts
  • Draw down period of 2 months
  • Fixed cost on parts per forecast period
  • 60-day notification of any price changes

How can Bylaser help you?


Our extensive knowledge of materials and processes will save you time and money.


Quality control is paramount at Bylaser. We take pride in getting it right first time.


Metal parts are crucial to your industry. We ensure you get them on-time, every time.


As your supply partner we can manufacture, store and deliver your product when you need it.

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Why Use ByLaser

Fast Lead Times

Bylaser’s reputation for unrivalled lead times means that you get your parts and components delivered on time, every time.

Superior Service

When you choose Bylaser you get a reliable team who go above and beyond to deliver the outcome you need, when you need it.

Quality Parts

Our precision technology and quality control processes mean that we consistently deliver your job right, every time.