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Providing architectural facades, decorative screens, landscaping design solutions

Your trusted metal parts supply partner

Remaining within budget without compromising design is often the challenge faced by architects. At Bylaser we deliver expert advice on materials and industrial design expertise to help your vision come to fruition.

In an industry that often values high speed and low cost over design quality it can be hard for architects and landscape designers to carry their vision through into the completed project. Specifying building products and material finishes to bring your design into reality can also present challenges.

Whether you are specifying decorative screens, facades, or scoping out landscaping solutions, our goal at Bylaser is to ensure the on-time delivery of your product to specification. Our industrial designers and materials experts will work with you to ensure the functional and aesthetic goals of your brief are met.

Our Capabilities

How can Bylaser help you?


Our unmatched knowledge of materials and processes will save you time and money.


Quality control is paramount at Bylaser. We take pride in getting it right first time.


Metal parts are crucial to your industry and we ensure you get them on-time, every time.


As your supply partner we can manufacture, store and deliver your product when you need it.

Our Services

For an industry like yours the efficient and timely supply of metal parts and components is non-negotiable. You need a supply partner that delivers precision parts on time, every time.

At Bylaser we can manage all your laser cutting, folding, fabrication and finishing needs with fast turnaround times to ensure your projects don’t grind to a halt.

Our Process

At the heart of our business are our clients. We take pride in in establishing close relationships and becoming the trusted metal parts supply partner to hundreds of businesses.

Our processes are designed to deliver an expert service, invaluable knowledge, and efficient production processes that result in fast lead times for your business.

Learn how Bylaser can help with the supply of metal parts for your architectural projects.

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Why Use Bylaser?

Fast Lead Times

Bylaser’s reputation for unrivalled lead times means that you get your parts and components delivered on time, every time

Superior Service

When you choose Bylaser you get a reliable team who go above and beyond to deliver the outcome you need, when you need it.

Quality Parts

Our precision technology and quality control processes means we consistently deliver your job right, every time.